About me

My name is Alexandros Frantzis.

I love to architect, design and implement elegant software. I am interested both in developing software to provide solutions, and in the art and science of software engineering itself.

I consider software quality to be of paramount importance, sadly too often sacrificed in the name of convenience and tight schedules. To this end, I practice testing as an integral part of software development, typically in the form of Test-Driven Development.

I enjoy the more mathematical aspects of computing, what is usually referred to as Computer Science, and I seek opportunities to employ this knowledge to produce better solutions.

I have a long history of working on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects, both professionally and in my spare time. Here you can find a list of FOSS projects for which I am either the main developer or I have contributed to in a significant way.

I enjoy playing modern board games, mostly of the so-called "eurogame" variety.

For a humorous account of my early days in computing read here.